Telavi Apron

UGGT Telavi released!

Finally! Telavi Airport is released for P3D v4. Download it for FREE from's Filebase. Thanks to everyone who helped. Enjoy!

Winter in Mestia

UGMS Mestia v1.0 is out!

We are happy to announce that Version 1.0 for Prepar3D v3 is released!

Enhancements in the new version:

- seasonal photoscenery (summer, autumn, winter, spring)
- new objects (church, museum, ...)
- animated windsocks (with FlightPort Library)
- optimized terrain
- optimized terminal building
- fixed flickering of fence
- P3D native groundpolys

Get your free version here:… (AVSIM) (Google Drive)…/ugms-queen-tamar-airport-mestia-georg…(AVSIM.SU)… (flusiboard Filebase)

UGKO Tower

UGKO Kutaisi Project Started

We are glad to announce, that the work on our next project has started already. It will be the International Airport of Kutaisi.


Pskhu Airport

Pskhu Airport

Telavi Aerport

Telavi Aerport

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Mestia Airport

Mestia Airport

This is mestias airport description jo..