UGMS - Queen Tamar Airport Mestia, Svaneti


Mestia is a little mountainous village in Georgia with round about 2,000 inhabitants. Despite its small size, it serves as an economic and cultural center for the Svaneti region. In 2012, large parts of the city were renovated and cleaned up to promote tourism. In winter Mestia is a popular ski resort and in summer mainly hikers and mountaineers come to visit.

The Airport

The airfield in Mestia was named after Queen Tamar, who ruled the country in the 12th and 13th centuries. In 2010, the airfield was completely rebuilt. Before there was only a grass track whereas today there is a paved runway (02/20) of 1,200m length. Due to the high mountains and narrow valleys the approach is considered particularly demanding. To make matters worse, the airfield has no navigation aids. So you are completely dependent on good visibility.

Since 2015 Vanilla Sky flies regularly to Natakhtari (near Tbilisi) and Kutaisi with a LET410. In 2017, more than 7,000 passengers were handled at Mestia Airport. A 70 percent increase over the previous year.

In The Simulator

We tried to reproduce the airfield as realistically as possible in the simulator. What is made somewhat complicated is the fact that it is not always welcome to shoot photos and also generally there is not much information about the place. By default, the airfield in P3D / FSX is not included. Nevertheless, it has been possible to achieve a coherent image and to accurately represent the demanding approach. You can look forward to the following features:

  • Accurate rendition of the Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia
  • Photoscenery of the surrounding area and the whole city of Mestia. Optimized for Orbx FTX Global
  • Thousands of hand-placed autogen objects in the whole area
  • Many of the historic defense towers are spread over the city
  • Several POIs in the city, which are easily recognizable during the approach (bridge, church, museum, ...)
  • Animated Windsocks (Flightport Library required)
  • Optimized for P3Dv3


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UGGT Telavi Airport

Akkurate Nachbildung des Erekle II Flugplatzes in Telavi, Georgien für P3D v4. Alle weiteren Details finden sich im Handbuch.


  • Detailgetreuer Nachbau des Schulungsplatzes der Fluguniversität von Georgien
  • Über 150 km² detaillierte Photoszenerie mit saisonalen Texturen (mit der Stadt Telavi sowie den umliegenden Gemeinden)
  • Fließender Übergang zu Orbx FTX Global
  • Ca. 15.000 handplatzierte Autogengebäude
  • Custom Runway Lighting (Gesteuert per SODE). Bei schlechtem Wetter / schlechter Sicht gehen die Lichter automatisch an.
  • Dynamic Lighting auf dem Vorfeld
  • SODE-gesteuerte, animierte Windsäcke
  • Custom AI-Traffic
  • Vanilla Sky-Livery für die UTT LET410
  • u.v.m.


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