The most common problems for every project are described here. If you have a problem and can't find a solution here, don't hesitate to write us a message.

UGMS - Mestia Queen Tamar Airport

The airport was done specifically for Prepar3D v3. There is an older version for FSX, which you can find in the avsim library. With the next update (v1.1) there will be a FSX version again.

The animated windsocks require the dynamic Flightport library to work. Flightport does not exist anymore but you can still download the library in the flusiboard filebase. In the next version, the animated windsocks will require SODE, which should be standard by now.

This can have several reasons. It is important, that you activated the foler "UGMS - Terrain" in your scenery library and that it is under the main scenery folder. Another problem can occur, when you use it in P3D v4 and don't have orbx Vector. This is a known problem and the only reason, Mestia is not fully compatible with P3Dv4 yet.

This is not a taxiway, it is used as a service road, mainly by the firefighters. They park there for every arrival and departure.

UGGT -Telavi Mimino Airport

There are only very few users left, who still use P3Dv3 and that's why it was not worth the time to make a full P3Dv3-version. If you want to use Telavi in P3Dv3, you can just use the FSX version which will work just fine. Only the 3D Gras is missing there.